Supplier Approval

If your supplier-approval process requires external suppliers to be certificated, you must have a robust method for validating claims of continual certification. 

If certification documents are sent directly to you from suppliers, your supplier approval process is vulnerable.

How do you authenticate document content?

If a certificate or audit is sent to you by a supplier, there has been an opportunity for the sender to adjust the content of the document.

Fake & adjusted certificates are in circulation. Document fraud includes unauthorised changes to audit grade, scope, expiry dates, address & masking of non-conformities.

How do you find out if a supplier’s certification status is suspended or withdrawn?

If a site’s certification status is suspended or withdrawn mid-certification, that status change will not be reflected on previously sent PDF certificates or audit reports.

A robust supplier approval protocol includes a method of identifying when certification status is lost.

How do you collect replacement documents?

Contacting sites on an annual basis to collect replacement audit & certification documents is a time consuming, admin-intensive process. 

Use the BRC Directory to manage your BRC supplier approval administration 

The BRC Directory allows your BRC certificated suppliers to securely share their BRC audit report & certificate documents with you.

Certification documents on the Directory can only be edited by the BRC recognised Certification Bodies that conduct the audit. Suppliers cannot edit or hide any audit content.

Audit documents shared with you on the Directory can be considered complete, authenticated & contemporary. 

Key Benefits;

1. Reduce Administration 

Auto-renewing; access renewal audit documents the instant they become available - removes the need to chase your suppliers for replacement documents.

2. Stay Informed 
Instant automated notification by email if any of your BRC suppliers are suspended, withdrawn, expire - or have renewal audit documents made available.

3. Prevent Fraud
The Directory is an authenticated source of data. Certificate and audit documents taken from the Directory can be considered complete & un-adjusted from their original form.

How to get started
All BRC audited suppliers have an existing Directory account & can use the Directory to share and receive BRC audits and Certificates. Simply ask your BRC certificated sites to tick your company name in the sharing list. Sharing takes moments to configure. Thereafter you will have instant access to their audit & certificate documents on an ongoing basis.

More than 6,000 sites already share their audit documents in this manner.

If you are not a BRC certificated supplier you can still use the BRC Directory for supplier approval & BRC document access. Contact stating the name & nature of your organisation and how you would like to use the Directory.

Authenticating emailed certificates

If you have been emailed a certificate directly from a supplier, we strongly recommend that you validate its authenticity and completeness.

Certificate content can be validated via the publically accessible search function at

All currently certificated sites are listed, with the exception of a small number who have chosen be removed from public view.

Search by the BRC site code to quickly find a particular site.

The BRC site code
All BRC audited sites have a unique numeric site code, usually 7 digits long.

The site code remains unchanged regardless of the sites status or auditing Certification Body.

All BRC audit reports and certificates detail the BRC site code.