All audits conducted against a BRC Global Standard are completed by approved third party Certification Bodies. Each Certification Body must be independently accredited by a National Accreditation Body.

A key aim of the BRC Global Standards scheme is to ensure integrity and consistency. An audit should be carried out in the same way, irrespective of product type, country of production, Certification Body or auditor.

The performance of Certification Bodies is formally reviewed every six months (January and July).

Five key areas assessed are:

  • Quality of written audit reports based on a sample of audit reports
  • Compliance to audit protocols (how audits are undertaken and reported)
  • Auditor registration and compliance relating to training, experience and competence requirements
  • Speed of upload of audit data to the BRC Directory
  • Certification Body communication with the BRC

The aim of the performance rating is to ensure continuous improvement. In cases of poor performance, the BRC requires an action plan and demonstrable improvement by the Certification Body.

Approved Certification Bodies are listed at and all operate satisfactorily. Any Certification Body whose performance is in doubt will have sanctions applied against them, including suspension and withdrawal of BRC approval and are not listed.

Each Certification Body is awarded a star rating according to their overall service performance based on the five key areas above. The rating reflects the overall management of the BRC certification scheme by the Certification Body’s head office and does not reflect performance by individual auditors or the validity of individual audits. This rating is published as part of the Certification Body listing at The star rating received does not reflect audit cost or the likelihood of any particular audit outcome. An explanation of the star rating is as follows:

  • 5 Stars - Excellent
  • 4 Stars -  Good
  • 3 Stars -  Satisfactory
  • 2 Stars -  Service improvement required.
  • 1 Star  - Unsatisfactory
  • Rating Pending - Certification bodies that have not under taken enough audits in the period to be rated

The BRC encourages feedback and referrals, for which there is a defined procedure. Feedback and referrals provide invaluable information for ensuring the Global Standards scheme is working as it should.

Further details of compliance activities can be obtained from